Welcome to my website. If we were talking in person, what would you think if I said that you have the power to heal yourself of any physical illness, disorder, phobia, imbalance, or emotional issue that is taking its toll on you? Have you heard or read that before? Did you believe it?

What if I told you that your brain is more powerful than any supercomputer? Currently, the world’s most powerful supercomputer is the equivalent of linking roughly one million desktop computers, and it cost about 1.25 billion dollars. Must be pretty advanced, right? Yet, I am telling you that your brain is even more advanced and powerful!

Do you remember what you learned in school about how to use your mind to optimize your health and to create a life you love? Oh, they didn’t offer that at your school? They didn’t offer it at mine either. No one gave us the instruction manual to our super-powerful minds and selves. When I was suffering from physical or emotional pain, I was told to make an appointment with someone else to get relief. So I went to the doctor, counselor, chiropractor, or minister. But wait, don’t they all have the same supercomputer brain that I do?

The days of constantly seeking help outside ourselves are ending. We now have the highly effective tools from Energy Psychology to transform our lives without having to rely on anyone else. When you explore the pages of my website, you will see references to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and PSYCH-K®. These are Energy Psychology technologies that will help you to use your supercomputer to heal. They are easy to learn, powerful, and elegant techniques, and I can teach them to you very quickly.

If you are reading my website, you are ready to heal. Contact me to find out how.

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Meet Dan Lohrman
I believe that everyone can heal themselves, and that the key to healing is accessing the innate wisdom of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is constantly trying to communicate with us, but it does not use any language we are familiar with. Its method of communication is so unfamiliar, and sometimes subtle, that we largely ignore it. The Energy Psychology techniques that I use bridge that language gap and allow you to work with your subconscious to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, to prosper, and to create a life that excites you. Learn More > > >

Meet Dan Lohrman
Dan has helped thousands of adults, teens and children with his empowering and cutting-edge approach. Because Energy Psychology accesses the wisdom of the client’s own subconscious mind, no issue is too large to heal. Dan has helped clients cure their cancer, eliminate allergies, find happiness and success in school, relationships, and business, stop smoking, and to break through limiting beliefs. The feedback he has received ranges from a child’s exclamation that “Mr. Lohrman is magical!” to heartfelt appreciation from people whose lives he has literally saved. Learn More > > >

Meet Dan Lohrman
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