Cathy F.
I wanted to write to tell you how wonderful life has been since November, when you facilitated the healing of my asthma. The weekend we met, I had just experienced one of the worst attacks I had ever had. I was debilitated for two weeks prior to our experience together. As a volunteer in the seminar you were presenting, I must admit, I was a bit curious if what you were saying was "accurate". You know, the mind always doubts. I'll admit, I did come home feeling better, relieved, but still, after so many years of suffering, DOUBTFUL. So, I put it to the test. I really wanted to know if I was "healed", so I went for a walk in the damp 36-degree night, on the property where we live - all 18 acres of it…twice!!! So here I am, in the cold, damp, November night air. And the next day, and the next and the next!! I wanted to make sure.

Today, in May, I'm still walking over the property every time I want to! NO ASTHMA!! But the benefits are greater than just that. I've been able to reach so many other goals now that I can BREATHE! Now, I'm able to clean my house without stopping for a break every little while, and I can keep up with the family on outings. That's huge in my world. And because I can breathe now, I am able to work out, walk for exercise, and am losing weight and getting healthier!

Thanks so much for the work you did, and for the kindness & patience you showed me.

Just being in the presence of Dan, I automatically felt at ease. As a cigarette smoker for over 20 years, with many attempts to quit, I always found my way back to that "best friend", a cigarette. Sure, I was able to quit when I had a reason for others: I quit each time we began to grow our family with our three beautiful children, and long enough to nurse them. Quitting, although it was for them and a good reason, didn't make the process easy at all. Often, the withdrawals were horrible and the mind games were terrible. That "urge", both physically and emotionally, were most times more painful than stubbing my toe!

After meeting Dan one day at a holistic fair, I immediately felt peaceful and was surprised - just by talking to him and his beautiful wife, I went almost the whole rest of the day without smoking! I had made up my mind at that point; I was going to consider quitting smoking for me, especially if Dan could help.

My session with Dan was incredible! I had watched him help a friend with pain management with amazing results, so I knew that if I was ever to be successful at quitting smoking, Dan would get me there. We discovered the true reason behind why I could never follow through with quitting for good. As a kid, I was always taught to "never give up and never quit". My subconscious decided this meant for things good and bad. We worked through it and - wow! I left without cravings and have now not had a cigarette in almost a month. I left urge-less, feeling great and wanting to replace anything to do with smoking with health and wellness activities. My mind never goes to the urge to smoke AT ALL, although I often hear my subconscious remind me that I am "amazing and beautiful" rather than telling me that I need to smoke. I will take that healthy message anytime over the other!

If you have ANYTHING that you would like to be relieved of, whether it be chronic pain, addiction, allergies, etc... do not go anywhere else, go straight to Dan! After a session with Dan, you too will know what it is like to be free of those emotions and feelings and to never have to feel them again.

Thank you, Dan, for changing my bad habit into a healthy one! You have given me a healthy life to live for my family and the opportunity to quit smoking without losing friends or upsetting my family with mood swings. No one can believe that I have just quit smoking because I have been in such a great mood since my session!

I have had a fear of heights for as long as I can remember. Going up on a ladder to paint a 7 or 8 foot high ceiling wasn’t a problem, but any higher than that, I would grip the ladder and hang on for dear life. After speaking with Dan about this phobia, I decided that I would really like to “fix” it. Our work revealed to me the source of my fear. As a result of Dan’s work with me, I am now able to go up on the ladder twice as high as I was before, to wash windows on the outside of our home, with no fear of falling. I am really pleased that Dan was able to help me with this and definitely recommend working with him.

I scheduled an appointment with Dan because I was having difficulty getting my own spiritual insight into why I was having breathing problems when exercising. Every test at the doctor’s office was showing that I was healthy and no sign of an issue. It took Dan a few minutes to get the answer that I was feeling guilty about taking the time to exercise because I thought it was taking time away from my work. After that, he was able to walk me through an exercise to clear this up. I am very thankful for Dan’s wisdom and abilities and have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

My son came to see you yesterday. He has been having a hard time since the school year started. Fourth grade has been a real eye opener for him and he has been complaining about school a lot. As a mother, I wanted to cry because it is heart breaking to see your child struggle with something and you be unable to help them. Yesterday after he tried to come home for the second time this year with a stomach ache, I told the nurse that I thought it was stress and she sent him to see you. I must say that he came home from school a different kid. He was happier than he has been since the school year started, and he told me that you helped him a tremendous amount. He kept telling us all night the different things that you said to him. Thank you again for all of your help, it made my day to see my son come in from school and be so happy. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

I am the biggest skeptic in the world! I had tried everything to relieve the pain from a severely damaged shoulder. I was in so much pain that tears would well up in my eyes. Someone told me that Dan Lohrman had a technique that had been used to relieve pain in other injuries, so I went to see him with an open mind. He taught me the tapping technique and after only 30 minutes, my pain was greatly reduced. I continued with the tapping and I now have no pain.

I was fortunate enough to secure a session with you a few weeks ago and wanted to share with you my experience. I came, believing it was to be NLP or Tapping. I left amazed and enormously pleased with the combination of energy modalities that you were obviously using. I felt even during the session that I was making quantum leaps that were leading to some sort of expansion of my conscious awareness. Thank you so much for that opportunity and for the on-going effects. I was very nicely surprised and even more, was greatly pleased. As much as I know about energy medicine, I don't quite know how to label what you do other than "It Works!" -- Thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter is in Mrs. M's 5th grade class and she came home yesterday and told me of your talk with her class. She told me how you gave them advice on how to resolve their anger, relax before tests and to visualize success in order to make something happen. I was truly amazed that she could retell all of this to me and that she retained the positive messages. She went on to tell me she applied your principles of concentrating on success at her volleyball practice and that almost all of her serves went over the net. She was so excited and made the correlation that her change in focus helped her serve. I just wanted you to know that you made an impact on her. Thanks!

I have been to a number of counselors in the past with very little success. Dan Lohrman was able to help me get to the core issue quickly. He is nonjudgmental, and does not place blame on me, my parents, or anyone else in my life. I was guided through a process to transform my core beliefs. I believe Dan is a master healer because he wants his clients to learn how to use the tools needed to live a joyful life, without becoming dependent on him.

Dear Mr. Lohrman, I remember last year, you sent a pass to my classroom asking me to report to your office immediately. While walking down the hall, I tried to think of everything I had done and what it was that I had done wrong. Little did I know, walking into your office would change my life forever. As I sat in your office, my father on one side and you on the other, I admitted to doing ecstasy and other drugs. You seemed so understanding and supportive, even though I had done something very wrong. Furthermore, you helped me talk to my dad and explain everything that was wrong in my life. Also, you reassured me of the ways to get out of drugs and away from the people who were influencing me to do them. Most of all, you helped me to get back on track and get my life together. Although I was hurt and scared at the time, through talking to you, I soon became happier and more open to discuss my problems. Over time, my relationship with my parents got stronger and I now feel like I can go to them about anything. In addition, my grades improved and I got my friends back. I could never thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You have made such a positive impact on my life and I know that because of your help and guidance, my future and life will be so much more.

Dear Mr. Lohrman, Hello. I don’t know when the last time you heard thank you, but I’m telling you thank you now. You have helped me with several problems. You were the only stranger that I could tell my problems to and not be scared. But now you are no stranger and you are a great person. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Lohrman, I am writing this letter to thank you for all the advice and knowledge you have given me. You are someone I know that I can trust and look up to. You have helped me through a lot of hard times with my ex-boyfriend, family and friends. I am glad there is someone like you at this school. You understand what it is like to be a teenager even if it was a while ago.

A student’s email to her mother: I thank you for always being there for me, and showing me how God is all around me. I thank you for doing your job in sending me to Mr. Lohrman because even though it is awkward, he is one of the best things that has happened to me… I can really see that he cares and it’s nice because he already knows how he can act with me… I feel extremely comfortable with him and I don’t feel stupid either. I can really talk to him. Know that I have a lot of self-esteem issues, some of which come from feeling like I can’t live up to God’s standards, but also that they are not problems which I cannot overcome. Mr. Lohrman says he is going to help me learn to like myself, and that in the end I’m going to be a much better person for it!

Meet Dan Lohrman

Meet Dan Lohrman
I believe that everyone can heal themselves, and that the key to healing is accessing the innate wisdom of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is constantly trying to communicate with us, but it does not use any language we are familiar with. Its method of communication is so unfamiliar, and sometimes subtle, that we largely ignore it. The Energy Psychology techniques that I use bridge that language gap and allow you to work with your subconscious to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, to prosper, and to create a life that excites you. Learn More > > >
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Meet Dan Lohrman
Dan has helped thousands of adults, teens and children with his empowering and cutting-edge approach. Because Energy Psychology accesses the wisdom of the client’s own subconscious mind, no issue is too large to heal. Dan has helped clients cure their cancer, eliminate allergies, find happiness and success in school, relationships, and business, stop smoking, and to break through limiting beliefs. The feedback he has received ranges from a child’s exclamation that “Mr. Lohrman is magical!” to heartfelt appreciation from people whose lives he has literally saved. Learn More > > >

Meet Dan Lohrman
Check here frequently to keep up with Dan’s travel and workshop schedule! Dan typically presents one or two-hour Energy Psychology workshops at holistic fairs and expos, which include practical, take-home techniques and information. In addition, he has slots available for 20-minute individual, semi-private sessions. Dan is also available to give interactive workshops to educators, professional counselors, personal coaches, health professionals, sports teams, and other groups. Contact him directly to schedule one in your city! Learn More > > >