Change Limiting Beliefs
We all have deeply buried, negative beliefs that impact our choices, relationships, and what we eventually get out of life. Some examples are, “Disaster is right around the corner!”, “I don’t deserve to be wealthy”, and “Everything has to be perfect”. These beliefs, while common, limit the joy and abundance we could otherwise have. PSYCH-K® offers elegant techniques to quickly and gently change limiting beliefs, without your having to remember to recite affirmations for weeks or months.

Eliminate Allergies
Do you suffer from allergies? Have you suffered for years? Neuro-linguistic Programming offers an exciting therapeutic tool to eliminate those allergic responses. Allergic reactions are a mistake of your immune system, but we can reeducate your system with this technique. It takes only minutes, and the results are life-changing.

Neutralize Phobias and Traumas
Phobias and past traumatic events can interrupt and severely limit the living of a full life. The Fast Phobia/Trauma Cure is a simple visualization process from Neuro-linguistic Programming that neutralizes the painful event. Combined with the Emotional Freedom Technique, most phobias or traumatic experiences such as rape, abuse, combat experiences, or other personal traumas, are deactivated. The event is not forgotten, but the suffering ceases. These techniques are especially effective for those suffering with Post-traumatic Stress symptoms.

Eliminate Anxiety
Anxiety is our number one enemy when it comes to being successful in school, work, sports, or social encounters, and it stems from our innate “fight or flight” response. Using tools from both the Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro-linguistic Programming, you can learn to turn off this debilitating response and turn on the more productive and powerful relaxation response. Your performance then improves to levels you could not have imagined!

Freedom from Depression
Researchers and clinicians agree that depression develops when anger is suppressed over time. There are a myriad of depression medications on the market, but the side effects can be severe. Instead of depending on chemicals, you can free yourself from depression with tools from the Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro-linguistic Programming. They are simple and powerfully effective. You can, and you will, find love and joy for life again!

Heal Emotional Issues
We all have feelings of anger, sadness, frustration or grief that occasionally interrupt our lives. When these feelings become prolonged, however, they take a toll on our health and happiness. Feelings are vibrating energy, just like everything else around us, and that is good news! Using techniques from the Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro-linguistic Programming, you can get in touch with and release lingering feelings quickly and easily. In doing so, you regain your natural state of well-being.

Heal Physical Issues
Most physical illnesses and health conditions are the result of stressors in our lives, and most people resign themselves to living in a weakened state. But did you know that you have an innate body intelligence, more powerful than a supercomputer, that you can use to heal yourself? Using tools from the Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro-linguistic Programming, you can learn how to communicate with this intelligence and use its power to bring about perfect health and well-being.

Create School Success
A student faces many challenges in school which can be made more difficult if he is suffering with test or performance anxiety, low self-esteem, learning disabilities, or getting failing grades. There is a highly effective solution to these issues which actually lies within the student himself! Tools from Neuro-linguistic Programming allow anyone to tap into their “supercomputer” brain and create new programming to improve performance. Students will love these easy-to-learn techniques and will see their effect immediately.

Create Sports Success
We all understand the importance of the physical aspects of training for a competitive sport. But what about the mental aspects? Your sports performance can improve rapidly and dramatically using techniques from Neuro-linguistic Programming and the Emotional Freedom Technique. Learn how to quickly put yourself into the Zone, access more self-confidence, and use creative visualization to rocket your personal best to new levels.

Eliminate the Smoking Habit
Have you tried the multitude of products on the market to quit smoking? How did they work for you? The key to eliminating the smoking habit is to get your powerful, subconscious mind to become your partner. Tools from Neuro-linguistic Programming and the Emotional Freedom Technique help you tap into this innate power and make quitting, permanently, an easy process.

Success with Weight Loss
Are you struggling to lose weight? Did you know that it is not really about the food? We overeat when we are stressed. If we eliminate this stress, the need to overeat subsides. To aid in this process, we also need to uncover and change our long-standing and sometimes negative programing from childhood that led to the stress. Neuro-linguistic Programming and the Emotional Freedom Technique offer elegant and highly effective tools to help you to do all of this, quickly and easily. Take control of your stress, take control of your weight.

Meet Dan Lohrman

Meet Dan Lohrman
I believe that everyone can heal themselves, and that the key to healing is accessing the innate wisdom of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is constantly trying to communicate with us, but it does not use any language we are familiar with. Its method of communication is so unfamiliar, and sometimes subtle, that we largely ignore it. The Energy Psychology techniques that I use bridge that language gap and allow you to work with your subconscious to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, to prosper, and to create a life that excites you. Learn More > > >
Success Stories

Meet Dan Lohrman
Dan has helped thousands of adults, teens and children with his empowering and cutting-edge approach. Because Energy Psychology accesses the wisdom of the client’s own subconscious mind, no issue is too large to heal. Dan has helped clients cure their cancer, eliminate allergies, find happiness and success in school, relationships, and business, stop smoking, and to break through limiting beliefs. The feedback he has received ranges from a child’s exclamation that “Mr. Lohrman is magical!” to heartfelt appreciation from people whose lives he has literally saved. Learn More > > >

Meet Dan Lohrman
Check here frequently to keep up with Dan’s travel and workshop schedule! Dan typically presents one or two-hour Energy Psychology workshops at holistic fairs and expos, which include practical, take-home techniques and information. In addition, he has slots available for 20-minute individual, semi-private sessions. Dan is also available to give interactive workshops to educators, professional counselors, personal coaches, health professionals, sports teams, and other groups. Contact him directly to schedule one in your city! Learn More > > >